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Welcome to WordPress Lab, the home of wordpress news, plugin development and general wordpress chit chat. It is 2016 and this site is in new hands, watch this space for exciting wordpress bits and bobs.

Last year we deployed a wordpress built but custom designed website for one of the UK’s premier timber decking builders ‘Deckbuilders UK’.  For a decking design and installation company it is not a small site, there are many galleries of photos of their work, details on how they approach decking projects as well as background information on the company and its quality standards. It is important to understand that commercial websites built using WordPress as the platform are not taking a shortcut or compromising. WordPress has been used by many large, blue chip companies across the globe. You can do competitor analysis between sites that do and don’t use wordpress if you have any doubt that it is an excellent platform.

A good example of converting to wordpress is demonstrated by Carreg, the DVLA registrations and private number plates company in the UK. They have had a complex, custom coded website for many years but with the growth and importance of social media connection sought to move of a wordpress built website. A fresh site with all the old functionality and more was created based on the wordpress platform. We then built a mobile friendly live TV streaming website – Stream TV – which even supports chromecast.

If you prefer to build a website with a simple and free html template that is responsive and standards compliant then visit HTML5 web templates where we have responsive templates for download.

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